Capillus82® Delivers More for Less Compared to Theradome

Compared to Theradome™, Capillus82® Delivers More for Less

With 82 laser diodes, Capillus82® delivers more follicle nourishing laser light than any other cap in its class, including the Theradome™ helmet. And at just $799, Capillus82 provides the best cost per individual laser diode, delivering the best nonsurgical hair loss treatment for adults at $96 less than Theradome. Limited Time: Order now to receive Free Shipping and a complimentary 3-month supply of Capillus Keratin Fibers ($100 value) to instantly improve hair thickness during treatment.


  • Theradome
  • MSRP: $895
  • Obvious Use
  • Use at Home
  • 80 Laser Diodes
  • Battery-Powered
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Shame-Free Hair Loss Treatment

Discrete Use

Unlike Theradome, Capillus82 fits discretely beneath your favorite baseball cap or hat. Enjoy the most advanced hair loss laser treatment with no fear, no anxiety, and no shame.

More Lasers

Capillus82 features 82 low level laser diodes, providing more coverage and laser stimulation compared to Theradome. Capillus lasers operate at 650nm, an optimal level for hair loss prevention and treatment that is approved by the FDA.

A Better Fit

Unlike the top-heavy design of the Theradome, Capillus82 is ergonomically designed to cover the top and sides of the scalp while remaining safely secured within your favorite hat. We’ve designed our laser therapy cap to keep up with your busy and active lifestyle, unlike Theradome, which requires you to remain seated and still during treatment.

Clinically Proven

Capillus82 is the only laser cap in its class proven to stop hair loss and encourage up to 51% new hair growth by clinical trials. Unlike competitors, we encourage patients to verify the clinical effectiveness of Capillus products by visiting

Cleared by the FDA

Capillus82 is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of hair loss in adults and has no known side effects, ensuring the highest level of patient safety and results.

What do physicians and patients have to say about Capillus82®?

Dr. Ken Anderson, Atlanta Hair Surgeon

“It’s like sending your hair to the gym.”

Dr. Ken Anderson, Atlanta Hair Surgeon
Ellen, Hair Loss Patient from Scottsdale, Arizona

Capillus82 lasers operate at 650nm, the most optimal wavelength for safely stimulating natural hair growth. With regular treatment, laser therapy with Capillus82 increases circulation and blood flow across the entire scalp, fueling hair follicles with the oxygen, nutrients, and growth factors needed for a fuller, healthier head of hair.

“I was very skeptical[…] and I was proven incorrect.”

Ellen, Hair Loss Patient from Scottsdale, Arizona
 Jackie, Hair Loss Patient from Boston, Massachusetts

Capillus82 uses laser technology backed by more than 60 years of medical research and development. In clinical trials, Capillus® hair restoration laser produced 51% increase in hair compared to placebo device.

“Within about 3 weeks[…] this is really working. The volume, the strength, the hair is stronger.”

Jackie, Hair Loss Patient from Boston, Massachusetts

Battery-operated and ultra portable, Capillus82 makes it easy to stay consistent with your hair loss treatment. Simply insert Capillus82 inside your favorite hat, activate the battery, and go about your day while cool laser light safely stimulates hair growth from deep within the follicle. With consistent treatment, many patients see beautiful, natural results in the first few months of treatment.