Using MailChimp to send your personalized email blast.

Using Mailchimp to send your email blast.

Following this simple tutorial you will be able to send your email blast to a list of subscribers. You can click the images to see a larger version of the screenshots.

If you do not have an account at Mailchimp create one. MailChimp’s accounts are free but if you have a large volume of emails or you want more advanced features you can opt for a payment plan.

MailChimp Welcome Page
MailChimp Account Creation


Once you have created your account and have login the next step would be to create a list of subscribers. You can give your list a descriptive name like “Capillus Leads” or “Capillus Patients”.

MailChimp Dashboard


Suscribers list screen


Now you need to import subscribers. You can do this using a list that has previously been created with Excel.

When you have all your subscribers on the list the next step would be to return to home and create a campaign. Let’s say the campaign is called “Capillus272 is Now Available at Our Office”

Campaing Info Screen

Once you have chosen a subscriber list to send this campaign, you should choose the design of the email. In the next step choose “Import from URL”.

Click the “Import” option and choose Import from URL

On the next screen, copy and paste the link that contains your custom email blast. You can preview the contents of the email, or simply click on import.

Now you can specify a text content to those subscribers who have HTML disabled and therefore will not see the graphics and other styles of your email. It is enough to click on the button. “Copy Text from HTML”

Review and confirm all your campaign options and press Send Now.

MailChimp’s site contains numerous videos and tutorials on every part of this process. You can visit these sections for more detailed information.